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Directing and Cinematography Reel

Projects included: The Man and the Purple Door (short film), Heart of the Midwest (short film), A Father Named Eduardo (short film)

Selected Projects


A Father Named Eduardo (short film)

Logline: When Mater receives a long-awaited letter from his immigrant father, it sparks a journey of reflection and confrontation, unraveling years of unspoken sacrifices and distant love.


The Cowboy and the Princess (animated short)

Logline: Set around the imaginative mind of a 7-year-old named Sara, we explore fantasy and reality from her perspective as she searches for the Cowboy from her bedtime story.


The Man and the Purple Door (short film)

Logline: Charlie encounters a mysterious purple door and enters through it, changing his life forever.


Amos Hernandez

Amos Hernandez is a director and producer from Mexico City. He is an alumnus of Webster University where he received his Bachelor's in Film and Television production.

His films have received recognition in festivals such as

the St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase and

the Indiedance Film Festival.

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