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Amos Hernandez is a director/producer from Mexico City. His films weave the tapestry of ordinary life with elements of Fantasy to tell grandiose stories. Inspired by animation, Amos delved into the world of stop-motion animation at the age of 13, using Legos and 2D digital characters, with his videos reaching thousands of views on YouTube.


His latest short film “The Man and the Purple Door” received recognition in multiple festivals such as the St. Louis Film Festival.


After graduating from Webster University with a Bachelor's in Film and Television production, Amos moved to Los Angeles where he has worked on campaigns for clients like Mexico National Football Team, Nestle, Toyota, and more.

"Since the beginning of time, stories have been a way to unite us, revealing our deepest truths. Movies are modern myths, weaving dreams and realities." DRAFT

Amós Hernández

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